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Based out of Eugene, Oregon, The NeverEver Band is a group of accomplished musicians who also just happen to be very good friends.

“The Twins”, Kathy and Kriss, write the original songs and keep things lively by having at least two or three new projects ready to be set free in rehearsal. Several years ago, the enchantingly beautiful songs just started coming and have never stopped – the sisters couldn’t be happier! Written in an “indie/folk-rock” genre with non-traditional instrumentation, each song has a flavor of it’s own.

The NeverEver Band performs either as a full-acoustic ensemble, or, with electric augmentation. Strong solo voices, double violin lines, unique guitar accompaniment, and tight vocal harmonies by the Twins add color and excitement to the mix, creating a refreshingly different listening experience. The NeverEver Band is a showcase for the beautiful voices and charming original songs of the Twins. Their songs delight listeners, featuring a spectrum of fun, uplifting melodies and heart-warming personal experience.

Kathy Burleson and Kriss Crowley, “the Twins”, appeared primarily with the popular group “Mithrandir” for fourteen-plus years during the late 1970’s – 80’s. In-demand recording and performing artists, they have since blended their captivating vocal harmony and instrumental talents with many other bands in the Eugene/Springfield area. These musical projects include blues, rock, children’s music, bluegrass, original music created by other artists.

Kathy sings, plays violin and mandolin while Kriss sings lead vocals as well as expertly covering guitar, violin, mandolin and viola. Their tight vocal harmonies complement the powerful lead vocals by Barry Burleson.

Barry Burleson has an enthusiastic stage presence, interacting with the audience and drawing them into the performance with his heart-felt delivery. His strong vocal talents blending with the soaring harmonies of the Twins ensure a memorable NeverEver Band performance.

Ralph “Slim” Novak’s musical experience ranges from classical piano to jazz guitar and his unique approach to guitar accompaniment is an integral part of the NeverEver Band sound.