The NeverEver Band is a quartet of experienced musicians performing original music that’s perfect for intimate settings as well as easily danceable. We perform without drums so we require only a small stage and we incorporate acoustic and electric instruments to create a dynamic sound that’s appropriate for a variety of audiences and venues.

Featuring Eugene’s favorite musical twins, Kriss Crowley and Kathy Burleson, also known as the “Mithrandir Twins”, the NeverEver Band presents sophisticated songcraft with humorous and heartfelt lyrics.

Barry Burleson’s rich and commanding voice is a balanced counterpoint to the twins’ sweet harmonies.

Ralph “Slim” Novak provides a solid bass foundation and second guitar accompaniment.

Dual violins, mandolin, viola, electric and acoustic guitars, and bass are the instrumental complement to the enchanting vocal harmonies.

Song Samples

Samba in Dreamtime

Sensuous dreams, a moment captured in time, the eternal dance.

Light that Shines More Brightly

Dedicated to those who offer help without expecting recognition or reward.